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Saving and sharing visualizations

Chart-builder visualizations on can be saved in a number of json, image, and html formats shown under the Download button:


There are also a variety of options for sharing your visualization on


Selecting Share > Insight lets you add your visualization to any project on for which you have permission. To share the insight you are prompted to chose a project where you will share it, to give it a title, and optionally to add comments. The final option (selected by default) is to save the visualization as a Vega-Lite source file on the project.

Share > File lets you add the visualization to any dataset or project for which you have permission. Share > Markdown Embed (Comment) you can embed your chart in any place which uses Markdown (e.g., insights, comments, summaries). By default the embedded chart will be a static rendering of the data from when the visualization was created. However using the Vega-Lite Editor you can create a 'live' chart that updates as the data on which it's based updates. The shark attack dataset is an example of continually-updating data.

To make a chart 'live', go to the Vega-Lite Editor and scroll down to the section referencing the "data" parameters:


Under the "data" element replace "source" with "url" and add a hardcoded url for the query that drives the visualization (you get this in the workspace while viewing the query), and add a "format" element with the type "csv":


Then when you select Share > Markdown Embed (Comment), you'll get Markdown text for a live version of the visualization that you can copy and paste into Insights, Comments, and Summaries on


Here is an example of the live visualization above used as an insight on a project that uses the dataset:


Finally, if you want to share a link to the Chart Builder screen for the visualization so someone else can edit and run it, you can do so with the Share > URL option: