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Formatting options for visualizations

Continuing with the example above, to make a chart with circles for marks that compares the number of attacks on men vs on women across the years select Circle from the Marks dropdown, and year from the X axis dropdown:


If the axis doesn't display the way you want it to, you can override the default format for the Type under the Options dropdown. In this case the year was read as a number because of the underlying data type and the type was set to Quantitative when Ordinal was the right choice:


Set the Y axis to COUNT(*) and Color to sex:


If your chart is not appropriately sized for viewing you can manually set the chart size. A size that shows the data of this chart to best effect is a width of 950 and a height of 730:


Another handy thing you can do in the options section is order the results in your graph. You may have ordered them already in your query results, but that order does not carry over to the graph. For this example we'll use the saved query Countries with >10 unprovoked attacks since 1960 with mortality data. After running the query, click Chart, set the X axis to country and the Y axis to # attacks:


To sort by the country with he most attacks select Options on the X axis, choose Descending for the sort and y - # attacks on the field:


To add information on if the attacks were fatal or not, select fatal_y_n next to color.


If your results do not seem to display as they should, check to make sure the field you are sorting on is not being improperly aggregated. Being able to switch over to the Vega-Lite Editor is very handy for identifying this kind of configuration issues. Looking in the Vega-Lite Editor in the area dealing with "sort" the operation is set to "average":


In this case "sum" is the correct option, and upon replacing "average" with "sum" the visualization displays properly:


NOTE: Once you have made edits in the Vega-Lite Editor you can no longer make any changes in the Visual Builder so save your Vega-Lite Editor changes for when you are finished building the chart with the Visual Builder.