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Setup on

Follow these steps to configure to use SAML:


An administrator role in the organization on is required to make these changes.

  1. Go to the Organization Profile Page and browse to the Settings tab.

  2. On the Settings tab go to the Security section and configure the single sign-on options. If you don’t see a Security section, contact us to enable it for you.

  3. Enter the information requested and select Test SAML configuration.

  4. Click Save if the test is successful. It may take a few minutes for the change to take effect for all org members.


When you enable SSO for an organization, members of that organization will need to validate through the SSO provider to access any pages on, not just the organization’s.

All users of the organization will have their personal API tokens reset when SSO is enabled.

  • If they have integrations (such as Python) set up with this token, they will need to update the token within the integration.

  • If they have saved any query results as tables within, they will not be able to sync those tables. They will need to delete the tables and re-save the query results as a new table.