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Extend your data

After uploading data to, if your data contains a common, general type of information that recognizes, we will suggest related information that you can use to enhance your data and research with. We call this data matching, and you'll see it in the platform for things like postal codes, state abbreviations, and medical codes (see this query for a full list), but it could also be setup for identifying data specific to your organization such as product or customer ids to more quickly pull supplemental data into your dataset.

If you see a green triangle on any columns after adding data to the platform, you know we've found a potential match:


Clicking the corner will present a menu which where you can jump in to review the matches has identified and confirm whether the data in your original column matches the type has identified.


If you confirm a match by selecting Add matched column, will display any related data that could also be pulled in due to your confirmed match:


Note that adding matched or related fields will not change your underlying dataset and you can un-match them at anytime. Find more information here.