API docs

API overview

data.world’s API allows you to interact with resources on data.world like projects, datasets, and user information.

Using REST APIs (learn more in our Intro to REST APIs section), you’re able to access and edit information throughout data.world. Here’s an overview of some of what you can do with the API:



API Capabilities


A collection of datasets (can contain multiple from different sources), Insights, files, images, and findings addressing a topic or question

Create/Delete/Update a project, Retrieve a project/project version, Link/Unlink a dataset


Charts and images that allow you to quickly share findings related to a project

List Insights, Create/Update/Delete an Insight, Retrieve an Insight/Insight version, Replace an Insight


A language to quickly manage/refine data in a dataset

List/Retrieve/Execute saved queries, Execute SQL or SPARQL queries


Collections of data/files that can be linked to multiple projects

Create/Update/Delete a dataset, Retrieve dataset/dataset version, Download a dataset


Individual files within a dataset - can be in various formats like .csv, .xslx, .json, .ipynb, etc.

Add files from URL, Delete a file/files, Sync a file/files, Download a file, Upload a file/files


Records that have been streamed from an external source and are processed/synced periodically (or synced manually using the API)

Append records to a stream, Delete all records, Retrieve stream schema, Set/Update stream schema


Information on the user that is currently authenticated (through API Token)

Retrieve user data, List datasets/projects as a contributor or owner, List bookmarked datasets/projects


Information on a different user (not currently authenticated)

Retrieve user’s profile information

Webhooks (Early Access)

Allow you to generate notifications/trigger actions based on data.world activity

List subscriptions, Subscribe/Unsubscribe to a dataset/project/account


A Digital Object Identifier (a persistent alphanumeric reference number assigned to a piece of content)

Assign a DOI to a dataset/dataset version, Delete a DOI from a dataset/dataset version