Uploading Data From Excel to

To upload data from Excel to, select the Sync Data button on the right side of the Home tab of the Excel menu bar. You can either upload a selection from the current sheet or the entire current sheet. Because the worksheets in an Excel file are stored as individual files on, if your Excel file has multiple worksheets you will need to upload them one at a time:


When you upload directly from Excel you have the option to add the file to a new dataset, to an existing dataset, or to an existing project:


Note: If you choose to add the spreadsheet to a project it will not be available for use in any other projects or datasets.

If you upload to a new dataset you'll also be prompted to set the permissions for it. The options are private and public--you cannot set permissions at the organization level from within Excel. However you can adjust permissions to the dataset from within after the dataset has been created: