Install and Run

First, make sure Python 3.6 is installed on your system.

target-datadotworld can be run with any Singer Tap, but we'll use tap-fixerio which pulls currency exchange rate data - as an example.

These commands will install tap-fixerio and target-datadotworld with pip, and then run them together, piping the output of tap-fixerio to target-datadotworld:

? pip install target-datadotworld tap-fixerio
? tap-fixerio | target-datadotworld -c config.json
INFO Replicating the latest exchange rate data from
INFO Tap exiting normally

The data will be written to the dataset specified in config.json. In this specific case, under a stream named exchange-rates.

If you're using a different Tap, substitute tap-fixerio in the final command above with the command used to run your Tap.