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Importing data from into Excel

If you're working in Excel and you want to import a file from into your current workbook, select Import data from the Excel menu bar and choose either a new dataset or one you have previously worked with in Excel:


If you choose to import a new item you'll be prompted to choose the source dataset or project from all of the datasets and projects you explicitly have permissions to (you do not get a list of all the datasets and projects on the ones you own, that are owned by an organization you are in, or which have been shared with you). Next you choose whether to import a query or a table (a table is any tabular file in the dataset or project you chose), and if you want to import it to a new tab in your workbook or to the current sheet:


Note: if you import into the current sheet, all the data in the sheet will be overwritten.

After working with the data in Excel you can sync it back up to