Getting started

As an example, I've created a project based on a dataset from the US Department of Energy regarding types of energy production throughout the US.

  1. Open up the following query saved to that project: Top 10 states by residential solar energy production

  2. You can then open these query results in Chart Builder using the dropdown menu above the results pane:

  3. Title the chart "Rooftop photovoltaic energy production by US state (top 10)" by clicking on the text that says Untitled chart above.

  4. To the left of the chart, configure the the X axis to use the state field and the Y axis to use the gwh field.

  5. Click on the Options dropdown for the X axis, and under the Sort section, choose Descending by y - gwh.


You will then see the same chart as below:


That's a good start, but it's a bit bland and would be difficult to read if projected onto a screen across a conference room. Let's get to work!