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Using multiple columns of data in Chart Builder visualizations

Chart Builder is a quick and easy tool for creating visualizations of data on the fly, but there is one thing that isn't easy to do with it: include data from more than one column in your graph. This limitation can be a real problem if, say, you want to look at both the high and low temperatures on the days when Bigfoot was sighted. Or if you want to have a graph with gender, attack type, and fatality in shark attacks so you can see if there is any correlation between them. Though you can easily run the queries to display the data, you can't obviously render it all at the same time in Chart Builder. However, though it is a bit tricky and requires the use of UNPIVOT, you can build visualizations in Chart Builder that include data from more than one column in a query.

In this article we'll use the Project Monsters Among Us to show how to include two related fields in a visualization, and Analysis of shark attacks by region and species to do a little fancier combination of multiple columns of unrelated data into one visualization.