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Using the Simple Editor command menu

In the article Intro to the Simple Data Documentation Editor we introduced's Simple Editor that allows you to quickly and easily add different kinds of files from various sources into project and dataset summaries, posts, and insights.

The command menu (accessed by typing forward slash ( / ) at the beginning of a line in the editor window) contains a list of items you can embed including recent files, queries, insights, and various content block options. If your cursor is not at the beginning of a line when you type the forward slash, your content will be linked, not embedded. More information about embedding vs. linking can be found in the article Embedding resources with the Simple Editor.

Recently updated resources

The first several items on the command menu are files, queries, insights, and other resources specific to your current dataset or project that you have recently modified:


If the item you wish to embed is not in the recent items list you can begin typing its name and autocomplete will take over:


Creating a checklist is as easy as selecting the item on the menu and then entering all your list items separated by a return. Checklists format as items in a list and the boxes can be checked during the edit process. Once the summary or insight has been saved, the state of the checkboxes is set and can be changed by opening and editing the summary or insight again:

Code blocks

Selecting < > Code from the dropdown inserts a formatted code block where you can type or paste a code snippet:

Embed Content

The </> Embed Content menu item inserts the formatting required for a URL so all you need to do is paste the URL into it and it will be embedded after it's saved:


When adding embedded content, the embed link must be the only text on its line. You cannot, for instance, embedded content in the middle of a sentence.

More information on embedding and linking content can be found in the article Embedding resources with the Simple Editor