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Base platform quickstart

At we offer organizations and teams private, secure environments in which they can collaborate together. In using, you and your team can put data and insights in the hands of those who need them while keeping valuable work from getting lost in inboxes or ad hoc conversations. As a result, your team's analysis and work will be more reproducible, reusable, and available for further collaboration. supports the largest open data community in the world, where we’re excited to connect members with a vast collection of scientific research, government, and demographic data, as well as other members who are interested in similar data work so they can join forces to solve real problems faster.

Regardless if you’re working in an open or closed setting, data on can be brought together in one of two ways:

  1. Datasets help make your data accessible, reusable, and understandable. They contain the data and any additional metadata, scripts, or files that are related to that data. Datasets are the building blocks of data projects.

  2. Projects help organize your data, documentation, and output in one place when working on a specific question, project, or analysis to create reproducible work outside of the black box.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the basics of, covering features and functionality to take you through your first data project from start to finish. Before getting started, ensure you’ve setup your account and joined any organizations you’ve been invited to, and next we’ll walk through finding and adding data.