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Work with data: Projects

Start a data project

In data.world, projects are where all querying, analysis and discussion of data takes place. Data in different datasets can be used for many different projects, but each project contains all and only the data that is relevant for that project. The information in a project can come from datasets, files attached directly to the project, insights written by the project's team members about the data and the project, and discussions about the project.

The idea behind a project is that all work and communication about that project done by any member of the project team is stored in the project, always accessible by all team members, and always the most up-to-date information.

To create a project, click on the + New icon in the top right of your menu bar and select New project.


On the Create a new project window you are prompted to select the owner of the project, the project name, and who can see the project. By default, if you are in an organization (also called a team), your organization is set as the owner of the project. You can choose another organization from the dropdown if you are in more than one or you can switch to personal account if you wish to be the owner as well as the creator of the project. Permission options to the project are either no one, the other members of your team (if the team is set to be the owner), or public to the data.world community:


Once your project has been created you are prompted to add an objective for it and given the opportunity to drag and drop files to the project or connect to a data source:


To link existing datasets to your project select Add data and you'll be taken to the Add data from anywhere dialog:


After you have selected Link a data.world dataset you can search for the dataset you want to add using the search bar. or you can scroll through your datasets, your bookmarked datasets, and community results:


More information about adding data to your project can be found in the article Connect data to your project.

Connect data to your project

You can add data to a project at any time - either when creating it or at a later time - in a few ways.

Linking datasets to an existing project

From the project overview page, click the Connect Datasets link within How do projects work? section, if available. Or from below the project description and summary section, choose Add data then data.world dataset.


You can also link datasets from the project workspace. From within the workspace, click the Add > Dataset buttonon the top left. Or from the home tab, click the Drag and drop, upload files or connect to a data source box.

Linking existing datasets

You can link datasets to a project when creating the project or later if you require additional data. For projects that already exist, you can link datasets from the project overview page and the project workspace.

Linking datasets during project creation

When creating a new project, you can click on the big Add Data prompt to connect any sort of data - including a linked dataset.


You will then have the option to Link a data.world dataset in the new window that opens:


After selecting that option, you can use the search bar and the tabs below to find your datasets in your resources, among your bookmarks, or from the data.world community at large. Click on the question mark icon for some hints or see Using search for advanced search tips.


Simply click the Link button to the right of the dataset you would like to add. You can link as many datasets as you'd like. If you accidentally link one that you don't want, hover the mouse over the Linked button - it will changed to an Unlink button which you can click to remove the dataset from the project.

Uploading files directly to the project

Uploading files and data directly to your data project is great for materials specific to the project such as images, documentation, and code. You can also add data this way, but because you cannot link projects to other projects, data is generally best placed within datasets to make reuse easier. You can add files directly to your project by clicking the Add button next to your Project directory header and selecting Project file:


Files added to the project are not visible anywhere else on data.world. If there are files that you want to access from more than one project, upload them to a dataset instead of a project. For information on other ways to add data to your project see the article How to get your data into data.world.