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Creating your dataset and adding live tables

After you connect your data source, the Enterprise Free Trial dialog will prompt you to Create a new dataset. The owner will be set to your organization by default, and sharing will be set to No one. Change sharing to with All of <your_organization_name> if you want everyone to be able to see the dataset:


After creating your dataset, write a quick description for it and select Add data:


Choose the live connection you set up when you signed up for the free trial:


Then select Live table:


Depending on your connection you might see one or many databases to choose from. After you choose the appropriate one you might be prompted to choose a schema or taken directly to a table selection depending on the source. Your final selection to make will be which tables in the database or schema to include. You can either select all of them or a subset:


When your data has been connected you will see your description and the tables you added to the dataset:


Selecting Continue takes you to the dataset overview page where you can see the progress of your schema loading:


During this process the metadata from your database is loaded and analyzed, and previews of your tables are generated. It all runs in the background and can take several minutes depending on how much data you have in your database.