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Plotly allows you to easily query your data and create a variety of modern visualizations to highlight your findings.

Open a dataset file in Plotly.

You can easily open a file in Plotly from your dataset:

  1. From a file, use the

    option and select Plotly in the resulting modal.

  2. Choose the Open in option from the list.

  3. Preview your data and build a chart.

  4. Refine options and save or share your visualization!

Use Plotly's Falcon SQL Client.

If you're looking for more flexibility, you can use Plotly's Falcon SQL Client to query data next to inline visualizations:

  1. Download the Falcon SQL Client.

  2. Select (look for Sparkle the Owl!) and enter your dataset ID and your API token .

  3. In the Query tab, review your data and add a query.

  4. Refine options and start building visualizations!

What next?

Here are a few things you can do with Plotly and

  • To embed as an Insight: Create a new insight and use your chart's shareable link .

  • To embed in Markdown: Use the @(shareable_link) notation.

  • Use Plotly's Falcon SQL Client to:

  • Embed your Plotly visualizations in anywhere Markdown is supported (like in comments and summaries).