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With's integration, you can transfer and sync files to in seconds.

Upload files from

Transferring data from to is easy through the Add Data menu:

  1. From the Add Data menu, choose New File.

  2. Choose Add new from the resulting modal. You may need to choose the All tab to view the option.

  3. Authenticate your desired account, then select your account from the New File modal. You may need to choose New File from the Add Data menu again after authenticating your account.

  4. Choose file(s) from the resulting list to upload.


    Use checkboxes to upload multiple files.

What next?

Here are a few things you can do with and

  • Keep your synced files up to date by going to the Settings section of your dataset or project and editing the Automatic Sync Options.

  • Add your team's files to to further explore your data and collaborate with your team.