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With nodes for KNIME, you can automate data processing and analysis pipelines and build smart workflows with data.

Enable nodes in KNIME extensions:

Using the available nodes from KNIME's community extensions, you can connect with your account:

  1. Open KNIME's Preferences from the File menu.

  2. KNIME_1.png
  3. From the Install/Update menu, choose Available Software Sites, then select Stable Community Contributions and click OK.

  4. KNIME_2.png
  5. Choose Install KNIME Extensions from the File menu.

  6. KNIME_3.png
  7. Search for in the resulting modal and check all that apply, then click Next and complete configuration.

  8. KNIME_4.png
  9. Expand the KNIME menu from the Preferences pane and choose, then enter your username and API token.

  10. KNIME_5.png

    You can access your API token from's KNIME integration page.

Find and use Community nodes.

You can find all relevant nodes under Community Nodes in the KNIME Node Repository:

  1. Expand Community Nodes from the Node Repository sidebar, then expand the options for

  2. KNIME_6.png
  3. Now you can use the nodes to:

    • Read Tables from a specified dataset.

    • Upload files to a dataset (you can batch upload any files supported by

    • Upload a table to a dataset.

What next?

Here are a few things you can do with KNIME and

  • Use drag & drop workflows to create complex data pipelines that you can easily sync and update.

  • Connect a variety of sources with either dedicated nodes or a JDBC connection, allowing you to source data from a large number of tools and applications.

  • Take advantage of KNIME's built-in nodes to read & write data, utilize statistical tools, chart your data, and more