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Config Settings

Attempts to push failed datasets can be scheduled by adding the following line to cron:

* 8 * * * paster --plugin=ckanext-datadotworld datadotworld push_failed -c /config.ini

A similar solution enables syncronization with remote (i.e. not uploaded) resources with

* 8 * * * paster --plugin=ckanext-datadotworld datadotworld sync_resources -c /config.ini

Delay option

There is a 1 second delay configured by default. This delay period can be controlled by modifying the "ckan.datadotworld.request_delay" configuration variable within the CKAN ini file.

For example:

ckan.datadotworld.request_delay = 1

To ensure that the delay will work correctly, you also need to configure Celery to work in single thread mode. To do this, add the following flag to the Celery start command:


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