--tableau-exclude option

When cataloging the metadata from a Tableau server you have the ability to exclude object types that you don't want cataloged. The option to use is --tableau-exclude, and it allows exclusion of the following 12 object types:

  • View

  • Dashboard

  • Database

  • PublishedDataSource

  • EmbeddedDataSource

  • CalculatedField

  • ColumnField

  • BinField

  • GroupField

  • DatasourceField

  • CustomSQLTable

  • Metric

Here is an example command with multiple object types excluded.:

docker run -it --rm --mount type=bind,source=/tmp,target=/dwcc-output \
--mount type=bind,source=/tmp,target=/app/log datadotworld/dwcc:x.y \
catalog-tableau --tableau-api-base-url <baseUrl> \
--tableau-password <password> --tableau-username <username> \
-a <account> -n <catalogName> -o "/dwcc-output"\
--tableau-exclude="EmbeddedDataSource" --tableau-exclude=\
"ColumnField" --tableau-exclude="Metric"