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Welcome to data.world documentation

Welcome to the docs section of the data.world documentation portal. documentation is specifically written for our customers who have needs and use cases outside of the scope of our users. For instance, our metadata cataloger is a tool only available with an enterprise license so putting all the connection and configuration information for it in the community documentation would be a waste of space at best, and confusing at worst. Similarly, information about accounts being turned off for terms violations, or instructions on how to choose license-types for resources are not really pertinent for enterprise users.

To put the most appropriate information directly at the fingertips of the various users of our platform we have split Enterprise and Community documentation into two separate areas on our docs site. This way when you go to https://docs.data.world, you first choose which branch of the documentation you wish to use. At that point you can either bookmark the branch (Enterprise or Community) for subsequent visits, or you can always start at the main portal page.