Text formatting for query outputs

An introduction to querying previous instances of your data source.

To allow for more expressive query results, data.world supports a variety of text formatting functions to change how results are displayed in the data.world query results view.

Here are some examples of the text formatting functions available:

FROM Employees

lists the names of the employees in bold text in the data.world query results view.

FROM Employees

similarly lists the names of the employees in italic text. These can be combined like this

FROM Employees

which writes the names in bold and italic. To show the text in blue, the WITH_COLOR function is available

SELECT WITH_COLOR("dave", COLOR("blue"))
FROM Employees

To show the query result with a blue background, use WITH_BACKGROUND_COLOR

FROM Employees

If you wish to quickly add highlighting to a cell, the WITH_STATUS and STATUS functions provides an easy way to flag a cell as “info”, “warning”, or “error”. The cell background will be rendered in a suitable color, chosen for accessibility.

SELECT WITH_STATUS("dave", STATUS("warning"))
FROM Employees

Finally, to show the query result as a clickable hyperlink, use the WITH_LINK function

SELECT WITH_LINK("dave", "http://www.google.com")
FROM Employees