An introduction to TABLESAMPLE.

If you would like a quick look at some random set of the data in a table, you can query it using the TABLESAMPLE keyword. As an example, if we wanted to see a random 5% sample of the April 2017 orders we could write a query like this:

  FROM apr_2017_orders TABLESAMPLE(5)

And the data we would get back would look something like this:

sales_agent account product order_value create_date
Boris Faz Betasoloin GTX Plus Basic 992 2017-04-03
Anna Snelling dambase GTX Plus Pro 5060 2017-04-01
Reed Clapper Bioplex GTX Plus Pro 5095 2017-04-12
Violet Mclelland Gekko & Co MG Special 45 2017-04-07
Darcel Schlecht Rundofase MG Special 64 2017-04-14
Donn Cantrell Plussunin MG Advanced 3655 2017-04-15
Kary Hendrixson Plexzap GTX Plus Pro 6154 2017-04-07
Kary Hendrixson Cheers GTXPro 4756 2017-04-12
Zane Levy Dalttechnology GTXPro 4168 2017-04-12
Anna Snelling Warephase GTX Basic 596 2017-04-08
Boris Faz Zotware MG Special 59 2017-04-15
Corliss Cosme Konex GTX Plus Pro 5684 2017-04-15
Darcel Schlecht Gogozoom GTXPro 4413 2017-04-15

The results returned from every TABLESAMPLE query would differ unless the query returned all of the data because every time the query was run it would select a different sample of the data to return.