Datasets: Update from source files

Files added via the Add file from URL button on, or the POST:/files api endpoint will have the source URL stored so they can be easily updated to the latest source version.

Update manually on using the Fetch latest link on the file, or use this method to invoke automatically from where you're working. For example, via:


POST /datasets/{owner}/{id}/sync

For convenience (and sometimes necessity), this endpoint can also be invoked via HTTP GET:

GET /datasets/{owner}/{id}/sync



Parameter Description Parameter Type Data Type
owner Dataset owner username. Included in dataset URL path, after domain.
For example, jonloyens in
path string
id Dataset id. Included in dataset URL, after owner's username.
For example, an-intro-to-dataworld-dataset in
path string


JSON schema

  "message": "string"


HTTP Status Code Reason Solution
400 Bad request. Check syntax and URIs.
401 Unauthorized Verify credentials / API key
403 Forbidden
404 Not found.
422 Bad request. Check syntax and URIs.
500 Server error.

Request URL:



Response Body:

  "message": "Sync started."

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