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Overview's mission is to build the most meaningful, collaborative, and abundant data resource in the world, so that people who work with data can solve problems faster. As part of that mission, we want to ensure that our users are able to easily access data and manage their data projects regardless of system or tool preference.


All dwAPI calls require an API token. After logging into, find your token by navigating to your profile settings, under the Advanced tab or go to

Authentication can be provided in API requests via:

  • Header (preferred): In the form of Authorization: Bearer <API TOKEN>
  • Cookie: In the form of token=<API TOKEN>
  • Query param: In the form of authentication=Bearer+<API TOKEN>

Content type

By default, application/json is the content type used in request and response bodies.

HTTPS only

Our APIs can only be accessed via HTTPS




We will continue to introduce more endpoints and functionality as we can, but if there are areas that you'd like to see additional functionality, or if you've come across things not working as expected, please let us know by emailing

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