SPARQL Tutorial - Primer


Welcome to the SPARQL primer! If you are completely new to SPARQL, you're in the right place. We have designed this primer tutorial to get you up & running and putting SPARQL to work for you as quickly as possible, but there are some fundamental concepts to understand in order to jump into your first query. Therefore, this first section has more background and conceptual information than subsequent sections. We're going to plow through this theoretical info, so if anything doesn't make sense, just stick with it. Everything becomes very clear once you start querying. Surprisingly, the fastest way to learn SPARQL is by writing SPARQL queries.


The primer is organized into 7 sections, each ending with 1 or more exercises to test your skills.

The following call-outs are used throughout the primer to denote vital and supplementary information:


An important Note that shouldn't be missed


"By the way" call-outs give you more background info. They are not strictly necessary but interesting points to know.


For those more comfortable with SPARQL and seeking In-depth explanation of SPARQL's functionality

Ready? Let's go! Your First SPARQL Query

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