Tutorial Structure

The tutorial is divided into three main sections:

  • the primer,
  • advanced tutorials by topic (coming soon),
  • and an appendix.


If you are completely new to SPARQL or just looking for a refresher, the primer will get you up to speed. Each lesson builds on the previous one, and all primer sections are followed by one or more exercises to put your new skills to the test. By the end of the primer, you will know enough SPARQL to put the query language to work for you.


Already know all the main SPARQL functions but can't quite remember if a FILTER should go inside or outside the WHERE clause of your query? Asking yourself whether the OPTIONAL keyword require parentheses "()" or curly brackets "{}"? And what is UNSAID, again, and how does one use it? Then the appendix is the place to go!

Start the Tutorial

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