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Adding a concept attribute

To add an attribute to a concept, choose Add Attribute from the + menu on the concept:


An empty attribute appears in the Detailed Attribute Information panel. While the attribute does not appear in the diagram, it is indicated by the attribute number (attribute1) in the panel. You can edit the Preferred label, Description, and Mappings for this attribute in the detailed information pane on the left side of the screen.


Another method for adding an attribute is as follows.

First, click on the Attribute tool in the toolbox.


Next, drag the mouse pointer over a concept in the canvas diagram.


An empty attribute will appear in the Detailed Attribute Information panel. You can edit the Preferred label, Description, and Mappings for this attribute.


Detailed attribute information

Much like detail information for a concept, the left panel will also provide detail information for an attribute.

There are two additional fields in the attribute detail information panel: XSD Datatype and Cardinality. The other fields function exactly the same as with a concept, with the exception of the IRI. New attributes that are given the same label as an existing attribute will reuse the same IRI, rather than have a random string appended to differentiate the IRIs—as is the case with concepts.


The left panel presents detail information for the element that has the focus and also for any elements that directly connect to it. When adding an attribute to a concept, the attribute panel automatically expands to display detail attribute information. You can also view and edit information for the parent concept by clicking the small arrow to expand the > PARENT CONCEPTS drop-down panel.



An atttribute's cardinality is the number of values that it should possess.

Consider the example of a Person concept with attributes for Given Name, Surname, and Nickname. If a Person should have at least one Given Name, at most one Surname and zero or any number of Nicknames, then the cardinality for the attribute Given Name would be min = 1:


Surname should be set as exact = 1:


And Nickname should be min = 0:


Cardinality export

Cardinality exports as the appropriate owl:Restriction on the class.


XSD datatype

The XSD Datatype is the XML schema datatype.

In the Advanced tab, choose the XSD Datatype for this attribute.


If the attribute is a string, for example, choose String to export it as such.


Attribute export type

Attributes are exported as Datatype Properties.

Automatic color change

As you add attributes, notice that the bottom color in the element darkens as the number of attributes increases. This indicates the complexity of the concept.